• Karan Karamchandani


It's not new news now... The pandemic has reached our country a few weeks back, and while we're going through possible(inevitable) lockdowns, we need to realize that this is about the well-being & health of the nation and wwe need to fight this virus by the choices we make right now.

This is my first blog post, and I don't know if this would be another channel for my content, but we need to spread awareness about this virus as much as possible, and this quick read is another reminder about information on this virus.

So firstly, the CoronaVirus is called COVID-19 which stands for CoronaVirus Disease-19. The major deal about this virus is that it's spread is faster than any other virus. Even though the mortality rate is lower, the spread is 2x-3x (or more) faster than some of the other deadly diseases we've encountered over the past few decades.

Although we don't control the existence of this virus, we do control how we respond to it. Our only objective right now should be to flatten the curve.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Practice social distancing: As much as possible, stay away from people outside of our close-family. We have to delay the transmission of the virus as much as possible.

  • Practice safety measures: Wash your hands as much as possible, especially before you eat.

  • Use digital tools to work from home: There is a multitude of tools available to allow you & your team members to work from the comfort of your homes. This could be Zoom, Skype, Slack, or anything else.

  • Help others in more vulnerable situations: If you know someone older who needs to make a quick trip to the grocery store, see if you can help them get what they need so they don't have to leave their house.

  • Hold off on visiting elderly family members: I get that you might be worried about them, but you will be putting them at risk by interacting with them in person. Therefore, the safest option is to hold off a bit & wait to see them.

  • Don't use medical resources you don't need: This is a big problem with supply chains now - because of so many people hoarding on the masks, there is low supply of them left for the infected people. Save masks for doctors, nurses, workers, and the infected...

  • Use your time wisely: We can't control how long we have to engage in social distancing, but we can control how we spend that time. You can try a new hobby, or hone upon a skill, or read a book on something that interests you. Do the thing you've been wanting to do but haven't had time for; you can't make an excuse now haha.

  • Consume content from trustable sources only: Choose to fill in on information from trusted sources only, I would suggest going to for any information on COVID-19.

  • Lastly, remember that panic doesn't help anyone: It doesn't help others, and it definitely doesn't help you; so focus your time & efforts somewhere else! Freaking out is only a way to make a bad situation worse. Some ways to overcome this could be meditation(if you can't go outside, go inside), reading, or just spending time with the people you love & truly cherish it.

Also another note that I'd like to include about the virus, every single one of us can name about a dozen different bad things that arises from this virus, but we all also know that this virus did what no one else could do in decades - it united us. For the first time, our nation, the entire planet, has been united & we're fighting against this one enemy. And we're gonna come out of this together, bearing a few tough losses, but stronger than ever.

Let's take them out!