My name is Karan Karamchandani

and this is my story.

My story starts in early 2002 when I was born in Dubai, U.A.E.


I moved from there in mid-2014 to Mumbai.


Since my early years itself, I’ve never been fulfilled by studies or even sports. More specifically, I’ve never been good at studies or sports. This was demotivating at certain times when I wouldn’t be able to find what I am actually skilled at or interested in.


Then, at the start of 2017, I saw an opportunity. There was this toy known as fidget spinners that were a craze at that time. Every single person wanted one.


In Mumbai, spinners were selling for $20-30 minimum. It was quite expensive at that time simply because the demand was just that high.


In Dubai however, the cost of each spinner was a mere $0.75 and I started my entrepreneurial journey from there. That month, I bought a 100 spinners from Dubai and got it to Mumbai where I sold each spinner for $7.5, literally 10x of the cost price.


During that one month, I had learned more about business, sales, customer psychology than what I’ve learned in over a decade going to school. More importantly, it was the feeling of accomplishment & fulfillment that had me going for entrepreneurship. I finally found something that I had an interest in, and I wanted to continue with entrepreneurship for the rest of my life.


Unfortunately, after a month or so, almost everyone had a spinner with them, and the demand reduced. This made my first-ever successful business literally die after a month or so.


At that point, I had to think of another business idea.


Almost a year went by, and I still couldn’t find a good business idea.


Until, one day, while I was browsing through Youtube, I was hit by an ad by a successful entrepreneur called Tai Lopez. He showed me that he runs multiple online businesses without working more than five minutes a day & without touching a single piece of inventory; all while making a minimum six-figure income from each business. This was a huge breakthrough for me to find out, and immediately after, I completely geeked out & started researching day-by-day about this business model, known as drop-shipping.


After tons of research, I finally started my first Shopify drop-shipping store. I thought after all the research through Google & Youtube, I would be confident in getting a few good results. But, not only did I not get such expected results, but I did not even get a sale. That was pretty surprising after having sold a hundred spinners in just a month. So I lost a bit of confidence, but I didn’t give up yet.


I still continued my research & learning process, and once I started feeling confident again, I started another store. This time, I improved and got a better response, but still no sales. This was the time when I called it quits. I thought it wasn’t an actual thing or maybe I wasn’t that good for it. I was doubting both, the business model as well as myself.


At that point, I was hit by one more ad by another entrepreneur, to whom I give credit for all of my present achievements. His name is Sam Ovens, he’s created one of the most profitable, as well as automated, coaching businesses on the planet right now. He mentioned one line, to which most(if not all) of my business decisions are catered by. This was “Focus on the sales process, not the branding.” or something like that.


And it hit me. All this while I was focused on the wrong stuff. I focused on the website design, the graphics, the content, etc. which was all very important but not as important as the sales process itself!


This was a turning point for me.


Now, I started my third online store, only focusing primarily on the sales process. This change in perspective resulted in me gaining my first sale!


To be fairly honest, my third store did fail & wasn’t profitable, but that first sale opened my eyes to the reality that e-commerce is a hugely profitable business opportunity, and it actually works!


After that first sale, I continued to keep my primary focus on the sales process itself and then focused on improving my results from every single business moving forward, and that’s exactly how I’ve been able to scale my businesses up so much; just a consistent improvement along the journey.


After that, I thought to myself, that a lot of businesses face a lot of the same problems that I faced during this. This gave me the urge to find a solution to provide to these businesses for them to actually scale up to their actual potential.


That’s when Scalez Media started. My digital marketing agency.


Our ONLY aim is to ensure that every single business has an efficient sales process that is bringing them profitable leads & conversions consistently, and most importantly, with predictability. We don’t work like the other agencies where they would just optimize for engagement or followers or reach or maybe even a couple of sales here & there, we optimize to create a loyal base of raving customers that aim to repeatedly purchase from your brand.


As of now, we’ve successfully handed clients regular 30-50x returns on their ad-spend, and sometimes it even goes up to 96x ROI’s!


Can you imagine what would happen for your business if, for every $1 invested into ads, you got back $96? Doesn’t that sound exciting?


If so, you can visit my agency’s website by clicking here, and you can apply to work with us.


A quick disclaimer though:


We only work with businesses whom we feel we can deliver huge returns to, so if you’re accepted, trust me, you’re gonna be very very happy with the results you’re gonna get :)