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I'm Karan Karamchandani

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My name is Karan Karamchandani and I'm an 18-year-old entrepreneur. I run an online advertising agency called Scalez Media. We've helped some incredible clients including EloTrips, ArtyOwl, IndianStartups, TGameStrong, and many more.


I have one simple mission - To help purpose-driven businesses unlock massive digital scale in their businesses so that they can impact their dream customers with their products & services.


My content, on behalf of my agency and my training business, has reached millions of entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) in the past few months itself. And thousands of entrepreneurs have learned, executed & got results in their businesses from the content itself.


I’m here to help nurture & advance the new breed of businesses. Traditional business systems are outdated, void & inefficient. My agency aims to deliver 10x the impact on your business’ results for less than the price tag of any other agency.

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I advise companies
and personal brands in content and campaigns.

I’ve worked with multiple companies & personal brands, advising them on content & digital campaign strategies, and scaling their business to a point where they receive 30-50x ROI’s consistently and with predictability.


If you’re reading till here, you must be wondering how did I get into this field, at 18, while going to school? Well, it’s an interesting story actually…


I actually started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 15, when I first started selling fidget spinners to my friends.


After that, I started going online, by starting online businesses and that’s when it got tough and my initial failures came into place.


That is when I was luckily targeted by an ad that showed me what I was doing wrong, and once I focused there then I noticed a huge increase in my results.


That’s when I noticed that I could help businesses as well with their digital media to help them increase their results, and that’s how Scalez Media was born.


But that’s the short version, click the button below to read the whole story:)

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Some companies I've worked with?

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Work with me

Keynote Speaking

If you found some value in my social content, then I have a pretty good feeling that you'll definitely want to see me live as well. My love for speaking and coaching has landed me on stages at Tata, IIT, TEDx and many more.

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Reach your full potential with Karan's coaching programs. He's successfully helped thousands of entrepreneurs with their businesses through his content, and these programs are where he unravels the curtains to all his result-bearing secrets.

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Digital Solutions

If there's one thing my team & I know how to do, it's digital media. Whether it is websites, social content, or marketing strategies; we've helped multiple companies & personal brands reach their message out to the masses. And we can do it for you as well!